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Study Questions for Ch. 24 1. Define metabolism , anabolism , and catabolism . 2. Define gluconeogenesis , glycogenolysis , and glycogenesis . 3. Distinguish between the absorptive and post-absorptive state. 4. Which hormone controls the absorptive state and which hormone controls the post- absorptive state? 5. What does nitrogen balance mean? When is normal NOT to be in nitrogen balance ? 6. Name the 3 major nutrient groups. Which is/are most important as a fuel (energy) source? Which is most important for building cell structures? 7. Why do we need vitamins for health? Name the fat-soluble vitamins; name the water- soluble vitamins. 8. Name the minerals that the body requires in more than trace amounts and briefly explain what each mineral is required for. 9. Define BMR. Name the hormone that is most important in determining BMR. Name other factors that might influence an individual’s BMR. 10. How is BMR usually measured? Why is this possible?
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