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Name: Date: Organic Chemistry Organic molecules, those which contain carbon, are the basic chemical building blocks of organisms. these are generally very complex molecules, so it is best to think of them as a carbon-based core with special bits attached, groups of atoms with definite chemical properties. Some molecules are simple organic molecules, while others are macromolecules (very large molecules). Molecules that store information or that form structures are macromolecules. A polymer is a macromolecule that is made by forming covalent bonds between a chain of similar, simpler components. The following are the principle functional chemical groups. CARBOHYDRATES Carbohydrates are molecules that contain ______________, ________________, and _______________. Because they contain many carbon - hydrogen bonds, they are well suited for _____________________________________. Construct the molecules of glucose, a monosaccharide, using the structure given below. Make the fructose and galactose as illustrated afterwards.
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What is the molecular formula for glucose? _______________, for fructose? ______________, for galactose? _______________. How can three different molecules have the same formula? ______________________________________________________________________ Such molecules are called ________________, since they have the same molecular formula. Glucose is a linear six-carbon molecule that forms a ring in solution as shown below. Construct the ring form of the glucose molecule. Glucose is readily used by the body for energy, but when transported, it is changed into a
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easy practice - Name Date Organic Chemistry Organic...

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