Solutions 27-14, 18 & 28-12

Solutions 27-14, 18 & 28-12 - NPV (With the fixed...

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Chapter 27 Question 14 Input Area: Cash holding $700,000 Cash needed per month $360,000 Interest rate 6.5% Broker fee $500 Output Area: Total cash $4,320,000 C* $257,801.35 The company should invest $442,198.65 of its current cash holdings in marketable securities to bring the cash balance down to the optimal level. Over the rest of the year, sell securities 16.76 times.
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Chapter 27 Question 18 Input Area: Average # of payments per day 600 Average value of payment $1,100 Variable lockbox fee $0.35 Annual interest rate on MM securities 6.00% Fixed charges per year $1,000 Reduction in collection time 2 # of days per year 365 Output: PV $1,320,000 Daily interest rate 0.016% NPV $4,652.17 The lockbox system should be accepted.
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Unformatted text preview: NPV (With the fixed charge) $(12,014.50) The lockbox system should not be accepted. Chapter 28 Question 12 Input Area: Quantity sold 3,000 Cash price $90.00 Days' credit 30 Credit price $91.84 Discount period 10 Required return 1% d. Default rate 10% Output Area: a. Terms 2 / 10 net 30 b. Maximum accounts receivable $270,000 c. Since the quantity sold does not change, variable cost is the same under either plan. d.-8% , the NPV will be negative. NPV $(2,473,200) The breakeven credit price is $101.00 , which implies the breakeven discount is 10.89% The NPV at this discount rate is $0.00 No, because d - =...
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Solutions 27-14, 18 & 28-12 - NPV (With the fixed...

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