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Chapter 5 Case Project 5-1 1. Physical - Is your network cable plugged in or is the light turned on? Two mediums need to communicate with one another and this happens with a stable transmission. 2. Network - Is there a link light on the Ethernet switch and Ethernet NIC? Since the computer cannot access resources on other subnets, and the default gateway isn’t configured correctly, it is apparent there is a problem somewhere in the network. This part of the network transfers data to other parts of the network. So if the network isn’t properly configured data will not go to where it needs to go nor will you be able to locate other subnets. 3. Application - Do you have an IP address? If you are able to ping than you know that you don’t have a problem with your computer nor your network. 4. Physical – Something is wrong with a cable or some type problem that is on the physical layer. 5. Presentation – Since I am able to open other items something is wrong with the application layer
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