Chapter 6 Hands-On Project 6-6

Chapter 6 Hands-On Project 6-6 - Subnet ID

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Chapter 6 Hands-On Project 6-6 1. I typed www.wildpackets/products/ipsubnetcalculator in my Web browser. 2. I downloaded the free software for the IP Subnet Calculator and then I installed it on my computer. 3. I clicked on start, all programs, and then WildPackets IP Subnet Calculator. 4. I clicked on Subnet Info tab and got the following: Subnet bits – 8 Mask Bits – 24 Subnet Mask – Max Subnets – 254 Max Hosts Per Subnet – 254 Subnet Bit Map (n=network;s=subnet;h=host) – 10nnnnnn.nnnnnnnn.ssssssss.hhhhhhhh Subnet Host Address Range – –
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Unformatted text preview: Subnet ID Subnet Broadcast 5. I typed into the IP address text box at the top of the IP Subnet Calculator and then I clicked on the Subnets/Hosts tab. I got 62 hits starting from to 6. Next I click on the CIDR tab and the results I got are the following: Mask Bits 8 Supernet Mask Max Supernets 65536 Max Addresses 16777214 Route Supernet Address Range 7. Then I close out of the IP Subnet Calculator....
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