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Chapter 13 Case Project 13-1 For a network to be even more efficient, you should permit users dial-in access from their homes, remote locations, or hotel rooms. The Routing and Remote Access service (RRAS) is a multi-protocol software router integrated in Windows Server 2003 that provides connectivity for remote users and remote offices to the corporate network. RRAS make it possible for remote users to perform their tasks as though they are actually physically connected to the corporate network. A remote access connection enables services such as file and print sharing to be available to remote users. To access network resources, remote access clients can use standard Windows tools. Windows Server 2003 has to be working on at least on one server and has an internet connection. After this is done it needs to be configured so that the employees will be able to connect to the VPN. Doing the remote setup this way will allow the employees, and whoever else wants to connect, to access from their
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Unformatted text preview: homes, remote locations, or hotel rooms. They will be capable of accessing the network through an internet connection that they normally use. This way will also help the company save money when the employees are in another state or country. Case Project 13-2 A bridge installed between two networks parts filters traffic according to hardware destination address. By placing computers that communicate most often on the same side of the bridge, you can reduce network traffic. You can also use a bridge to connect networks of different physical media, such as 10BaseT and fiber-optic networks. The fastest resolution is to put a switch or bridge connecting the two hubs, in so doing transmitting frames from one network part to the next only when the frame is a broadcast or destined for a host on the added part. With the accessibility of cheap switches, you can basically change both hubs with suitable switches and/or improvements to 100BaseT....
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