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CDCStages - CDC fifages of Disease 51:19 I Acufe...

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Unformatted text preview: CDC fifages of Disease ' 51:19; I Acufe HI'U'Im‘ea’rian [mananusleasis—Iike, asep’ris AI (aeque meningi’ris] ar Primaryr HI'H" Infes’rian {PHI} infesTian] 511:9: III Persis’ranf generalized Ip'rripi'iadenapa’rl'iyir ARC (AIDE- rela’red Camplexj we I“ A. Cans’rifu’rianal disease (fever, weigh’r lass, diarrhea] ARC B.Neura|agisal disease [demenfia myelapa’rhy, peripheral ARC neurapafhfl C. Sesandaryr In‘Fea’rians - 1. CDC—defined AIDS—assasia’red AIDS RC 2. O’rher specified in‘Fea’rians [herpes zasfer, aral A hair}..-r leukapenia, aral candidiasis] D. Sesandar}:r aansers [CDC— defined AIDS— assaaiaTed] AIDS Kapasi's saraama, nan—Hadgkins Leukemia, CNS lymphama E. G’rher aandifians a’r’rribu’red ’ra HI"iir infea’rian ar ARC immunasuppressian ...
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