Exam 1 Review - EXAM 1 REVIEW GRG-305, This Human World...

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EXAM 1 REVIEW GRG-305, This Human World Prof. Adams Note: this is a partial list; topics not on this list may be on the exam Vocabulary human geography culture culture region culture complex cultural diffusion barrier to diffusion receptivity to diffusion relocation diffusion expansion diffusion contagious diffusion hierarchical diffusion stimulus diffusion landscape cultural ecology cultural interaction environmental determinism possibilism adaptive strategy cultural core and periphery topophilia place image ethnocentrism map projection cartography thematic map choropleth map isoline map folk culture popular culture folk architecture folk songs curanderos placelessness clustering place images landscapes of consumption landscapes of leisure landscapes of tragedy proselytic religions ethnic religions sacred place animism secularism secularization polytheism Islam Mosque minaret Mecca Qa’ba Shiite Sunni Buddhism Hinduism karma caste system ahimsa Taoism Shinto feng-shui geomancy taboo pilgrimage theocracy religious landscape religious toponyms monotheism ethnic homeland Balfour Declaration Zionism Palestinian Mandate partition plan Six-Day War (1967) West Bank Gaza Strip settlements checkpoints separation wall right of return Concepts, Processes, and Relationships 1. What is the difference between formal, functional, and vernacular culture regions? 2.
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Exam 1 Review - EXAM 1 REVIEW GRG-305, This Human World...

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