Exam 2 Study Guide - Advertising manager d can work with...

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Unformatted text preview: Advertising manager d can work with client in translating cultural and consumer values into adv. and promotional messages through the creative services a daily responsibility for an organizations adv/pr program and will be held most directly accountable for its results a navigates between the advertiser demands and the need to get the best work possible from people in the agency Account planner d A relatively recent addition to many advertising agencies; it is this person's job to synthesize all relevant consumer research and use it to design a coherent advertising strategy. a assigned to clients to ensure that research input is included at each stage of development of campaign materials. a The person at the agency responsible for looking at the advertisers product from a consumers point of view Qualitative research d research involving customers is essential for fostering fresh thinking about a brand Social class d a persons relative standing in a social system as produced by systematic inequalities in things such as wealth, income, education, power, and status. People of a strata behave the same. Boundaries are less rigid than they used to be. Direct marketing definition d An interactive system of marketing which uses one or more advertising media to affect a measurable response and/or transaction at any location. IBP synergistic effect d individual media can work in isolation, but advertisers get more for their dollars if various media and IBP tools build on one another and work together Validity d the info generated is relevant to the research questions being investigated In-depth interviews...
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Exam 2 Study Guide - Advertising manager d can work with...

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