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The Menil Collection - Amanda Meeks Purpose Lauren...

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Amanda Meeks Lauren Robertson Manuel Hernandez The Menil Collection Purpose
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To create an atmosphere specifically designed for viewing art. Stained Floor It's strange that the floor is stained but not sealed every time a show is changed. Because the floors not sealed, the stain is probably going to rub off where there is the most foot traffic providing a direction of where to go and where to stand in order to view the artwork. The floor having uneven staining creates a look of worn comfort, as if the floor is so natural that there is nothing particularly spectacular about it. This is effective in terms of function, because the visitor feels no need to focus on what is beneath them (whereas is some museums, the floors are highly glossed or tiled, which often draws attention away from the artwork itself.) Walls It's also weird that the walls are torn out and rebuild when it would be much simpler to patch rather than demolish.
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  • Spring '08
  • Staff
  • Visitor, Menil Collection, Robertson Manuel Hernandez, constantly changing walls, Lauren Robertson Manuel Hernandez, interesting ceiling design

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