Typology and morphology

Typology and morphology - oval, pres office Occur in...

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21:26 Typology and morphology, and type forms Typology  – a spatial sequence of some cultural consistency that frames  inhabitation in a manner that is understood to be a cultural institution Pilgrimage Churches – unlike other churches, they have huge faces, always  on top of things(climb),  Watch Gladiator Coliseum – Describe it from typeform experience Compare and contrast UT Stadium to Colisuem as tech forms o Different shapes o Similar and different o Look up website of 3D model of Coliseum
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21:26 Justified objects   Goldsmith Hall Inhabitation   Farnsworth Framed by underlying shape and configuration of space 
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Unformatted text preview: oval, pres office Occur in certain patterns Roman Type of Stadiums Michigan Audience surrounds the field Greek Type Buckeye Stadium (Ohio State) Horseshoe Menil Collection Art is low Daylight coming in is not there to light artwork. Machinery is across the street so air comes up from underneath Completely rebuild secondary walls for new exhibits Odd things o Light fins What is the purpose? o They stain the floor dark brown and gets worn away What is the function? What is strange? What is the effect of it being strange? (floor, wall, ceiling) 21:26...
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Typology and morphology - oval, pres office Occur in...

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