Era of decreased press protection from libel # 2

Era of decreased press protection from libel # 2 - Era of...

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Era of decreased press protection from libel: Herbert v. Lando (1979, Sup. Ct) Facts: in 1971 during the Vietnam War, a military man who served in the military Lt. Col. Anthony Herbert goes public with allegations against the US Army, saying that army knew about war atrocities occurring in Vietnam involving US troops and were engaged in a cover-up. He received so much press coverage that he becomes a public figure. One of the journalists investigating the acquisitions was Barry Lando. Lando ends up filing a story that appears on the CBS weekend news that was highly complementary of Herbert—it essentially said that Herbert was telling the truth. A year later, Barry Lando leaves CBS and becomes a producer for 60 minutes. In 1972, Lando decides to re- investigates Herbert’s claims. This time, Lando files a story that claims the army conducted a thorough investigation and that Herbert is either lying or exaggerating. There was a lack of evidence of war atrocities and an army cover-up.
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