35 BIO 326R Influenza2 - BIO 326R More Influenza "Cytokine...

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BIO 326R  More Influenza
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“Cytokine Storms” Some deaths from influenza are attributed to “cytokine storms” Cytokines are soluble, secreted proteins which serve as a cell-cell signal E.g. IL-2, IL-4, IFN gamma, etc The theory is that initial viral reproduction is rapid and the immune response is over stimulated. Abnormally high amounts of cytokines cause a positive feedback loop and system wide inflammation. Death from low blood pressure, ‘multiple organ failure’, high temperatures, etc. Not seen in the vast majority of influenza infections. Some influenza strains (1918 H1N1) may be more capable of causing this reaction. This may be due to how naïve the population is to the virus. The ‘cytokine storm’ theory partly explains the mortality rate of 1918 pandemic. The very old and very young had high mortality rates, this is typical of most influenza infections. The young adult population also had a high mortality rate. This is usually thought to be the population
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35 BIO 326R Influenza2 - BIO 326R More Influenza "Cytokine...

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