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Lesson 7: Graphing Graphing is an essential skill for both Physics 20 and 30. You MUST be able to follow all of the rules of properly drawing a graph, and also be able to do basic interpretation of graphs. When you are presented with a chart of numbers that you are going to graph, you should start by identifying which variable is the manipulated variable and which is the dependent variable. In a lab, you are usually watching to see one thing change on its own, while letting something just plod along in an expected way. The one that you're watching for changes in is called the dependent or responding variable, drawn on the y-axis . The one that is changing in a regular expected pattern is the independent or manipulated variable, drawn on the x-axis . As a rule of thumb, time almost always goes on the x-axis. Graphing Rules Graphs you draw must have the following five basic characteristics. If you miss any part you will lose marks. Title Your title should be short, but still clearly tell what you have graphed. The most common and recommended way to name your graph is to say what your y-axis and x-axis are. One way to say it is “ Y-Axis versus X-Axis The other common way is to say “ Y-Axis as a function of X-Axis Labeled Axis Make sure to write out the full name of what you have graphed on each axis, along with the units you used. If you are using any sort of scientific notation for the numbers, make sure you show it here also. A Well Chosen Scale The information you plot should always cover at least 75% of the area on your graph.
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07_graphing - Lesson 7 Graphing Graphing is an essential...

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