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202-09Prbs49-56 - EE202 HOMEWORK PROBLEMS SPRING 09 TO THE...

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EE202 HOMEWORK PROBLEMS SPRING 09 TO THE STUDENT: ALWAYS CHECK THE ERRATA on the web. RAY’S READING SUGGESTIONS FOR BROADENING YOUR EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION ON LEADERSHIP: The Leadership Pill by Ken Blanchard and Marc Muchnick (Short and sweet—laying out a triple bottom line for achievement while setting forth the humane and affirming road to achieve success communally—not individually. Success is a communal effort.) The John Deere Way by David Magee (Did you know that during the depression era, The John Deere Company carried the loans of farmers and dealers often forgiving interest. Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin (Challenging and long. Abraham Lincoln took his competitors, a diverse group of over achievers and political office seekers, and using his wit, story telling ability, good humor, and love of neighbor, glued them together into his presidential cabinet, demonstrating the qualities of a true leader.) Squirrel Inc . by Stephen Denning (A fascinating fable about a company resisting a plan for moving from a nut burying technology to a not storing technology.) ON TEACHING Teacher Man: a Memoir by Frank McCourt (A great story about teaching in the NYC school system. The pages are filled with humor, wit, pathos, and innovation. One technique he used in his creative writing class was to have the students each write a note to their teacher for an unexcused absence from school, something most had already done without having it formally graded. I listened to the book on CD read by the author—terrific.) Teach Like your Hair’s on Fire by Rafe Esquith (Highly innovative teaching techniques— learned much that I didn’t know and wish I could do. I wish all of us would have had or will have the experience of a teacher like Rafe Esquith.) ON SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING A Illustrated Brief History of Time, Updated and Expanded Edition by Stephen Hawking (Listened to this on tape also—I thought it quite accessible and thought provoking.) The Mathematical Theory of Communication by Warren Weaver and Claude Shannon. (Didn’t find the first part by Warren Weaver very interesting and have executed a core dump. Loved the part by Claude Shannon. Rumor has it that Claude Shannon was not considered good enough for MIT’s Ph.D. program in EE. So he went to the Math Dept and invented among many things Information Theory , the basis for modern (coded) digital communication. His article therein explains his basic ideas on information theory while showing that each symbol in the English language contains one bit of information, making English perfect for cross word puzzles.)
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page 2 Spring 09 The Feynman Lectures by Richard Fineman, Nobel Laureate. (Audio Books.
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202-09Prbs49-56 - EE202 HOMEWORK PROBLEMS SPRING 09 TO THE...

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