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1 CONFLICT AND COOPERATION AMONG NATIONS Political Science 140 DePaul University Tuesday 5:45-9:00, Fall 2008 Will Denton “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” William Faulkner _______________________ COURSE DESCRIPTION Political Science 140 is an introductory course dealing with the relations among states and other international actors. The course will examine major issues in world politics. Throughout the course, we will examine the explanations for why states engage in conflict or cooperation. ______________ READINGS Readings should be completed by the day they are listed in the syllabus. --The Return of History and the End of Dreams , Robert Kagan, 2008 --Course Packet (CP) --Article on the personal dimensions of world politics (You can pick from a list of articles.) --Try to read a newspaper (hard copy or online) or a news magazine each week. This will aid class discussion. --Other readings may be assigned during the course. ______________ COURSE REQUIREMENTS --Question of the Night (See pages 7 and 10.) --Worksheets (See pages 7 and 10.) --Mid-term exam (See page 9.) --Final exam (See page 9.)
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2 _______________________ STRUCTURE OF CLASS LECTURES The lectures focus on specific issues related to the week’s topic . US P RESIDENTIAL C AMPAIGN As the presidential campaign progresses, we will discuss and compare the candidates’ positions on various foreign policy and international issues. DISCUSSION OF READINGS Readings should be completed by the day they are listed in the syllabus. Be prepared to discuss the readings in class. FILM PRESENTATIONS The films presented in class are in two categories. The first category follows the arc of the Iraq war and the second category is used to explore further the topic of the evening. I will hand out a series of questions on the films the night the film is presented. These questions are designed to focus your viewing of the film. QUESTION OF THE NIGHT The Question of the Night is designed to elicit your opinions on a specific topic in world politics. Be prepared to discuss your opinion about the question of the night in class. MUSIC PRESENTATION Each night there will be a brief music presentation related to war and peace issues. I will provide you with the lyrics and a format for analyzing the music. We will discuss the issues raised by the music. WORLD POLITICS TERM OF THE NIGHT In this segment, I will present a term or concept that is often used in discussions about world politics, but not often elaborated upon. CONFLICT COOPERATION IN LITERATURE AND FILM Issues of conflict and cooperation are fertile sources for literature and film. When time permits, I will briefly present novels or films that deal with issues of conflict and cooperation.
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