140Stal08s - PSC 140 Conflict Cooperation Among Nations...

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PSC 140: Conflict & Cooperation Among Nations DePaul University, Spring, 2008 1 Instructor Phillip Stalley : MWF, 12:00-1:00 p.m., Levan 402 Instructor’s office : 990 Fullerton, Room 2107 Office Hours: Wed. & Fri., 1:00 pm.-2:30 p.m. and by appointment Phone: (773) 325-4179 Email: [email protected] : This course is intended as an overview of the principal theories and contested issues in international politics. It is designed to enhance your knowledge and deepen your interest in international affairs. A second goal is to sharpen your analytical skills. Toward that end, the readings and assignments are intended to help you develop your ability to think critically about events in international politics. You will not be expected simply to memorize facts about world events, but to use facts in order to assess the ideas of others and construct arguments of your own. The course is divided into four sections. We will start by discussing the main theories used for interpreting international affairs. We will then spend approximately two weeks on international political economy and tackle the contentious issue of globalization. We will then look at specific transnational issues such as environmental degradation, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction. The final week of the course will bring the previous material together as we will discuss the major trends and forces that will shape international politics in the coming years. Reading Materials : There are two required texts for this course. Both are available in the DePaul bookstore: ¾ Art, Robert and Robert Jervis. 2007. International Politics: Enduring Concepts and Contemporary Issues (8 th Edition) : New York: AB Longman Press. ¾ Snow, Donald M. 2008. Cases in International Relations: Portraits of the Future (3 rd Edition) . New York: AB Longman Press. In addition to the books, we will read two case studies from Georgetown University Institute for the Study of Diplomacy (GUISD). On the GUISD website (www.guisd.org), you can purchases either an electronic version or hardcopy of the cases. The two cases we will read are: ¾ Leonard, Eric K. 2007. “Establishing an International Criminal Court: The Emergence of a New Global Authority?”, GUISD case study #258. ¾ Weir, Kimberly. 2007. “Sewing or Sex? Labor Migration in Thailand”, GUISD case study #295. You will also frequently be asked to read an article or chapter not in one of the required texts. In such cases, the reading will be available via Blackboard.
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PSC 140: Conflict & Cooperation Among Nations DePaul University, Spring, 2008 2 iClicker : During class, we will use iClickers and so you must purchase an iClicker at the start of the quarter and bring your iClicker to each class session . They are available at the DePaul bookstore or on Amazon.com. (Purchased new they cost approximately $35 and can be sold back to the bookstore at the end of the quarter). For those of you who have not previously used an iClicker, it is a remote device that allows you to answer
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140Stal08s - PSC 140 Conflict Cooperation Among Nations...

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