150Haupt09w - Political Systems of the World(150 Department of Political Science DePaul University Winter 09 Instructor Professor A B Haupt Email

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Political Systems of the World (150) Department of Political Science DePaul University Winter 09 Instructor: Professor A. B. Haupt Email: [email protected] Office Location: Office 2217; Political Science Department (990 W Fullerton, 2 nd floor), Phone: 773-325-4571 Office Hours: Wednesdays 3pm-5pm and by appointment Class Meeting Time: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:00-1:00pm in Room 1404 ( 990 W Fullerton) ***** 1. Course Learning Objectives This course introduces students to comparative politics – the study of domestic political systems. It is ‘comparative’ because we focus on differences and similarities of types of governments and of countries around the world to one another. We will examine the basic institutions of power, i.e. states, markets and societies. We will answer questions like “what are states and does one assess their efficacy?”; “How do markets function?”; “What relationship exists between states and markets?” We will then explore difference between types of government, i.e. between democratic and authoritarian types of regimes. Lastly, we will also examine communist and post-communist regimes and newly industrializing countries. The course is organized thematically but integrates case studies and current events and case studies to illustrate themes and concepts. 2. Course Information 1 A. Contact Information This course has a Blackboard site which provides general information and course announcements which you should visit regularly. Here you will also find links to numerous readings for the class. You may contact me by visiting my office hours or by sending me an e-mail. Since most questions are more effectively discussed in person, I prefer that you visit me in my office. In addition, you are always welcome to talk to me after class. Regarding email, I will do my best to respond speedily to your emails; however, please note that I rarely check my email during evening hours or on the weekends. 1 Please note that some revisions to this syllabus might be made during the quarter. 1
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B. Prerequisites There are no formal prerequisites for this course. C. Requirements Students are required to complete the assigned readings and assignments. An in-class midterm will test your knowledge of the first part of the course. It will consist of multiple choice and short essays. A in-class final essay exam, though cumulative, will emphasize the second part of the course and your critical thinking skills. Periodic unannounced reading-quizzes will test your basic understanding of assigned readings. Both attendance and participation are required. Course meetings will consist of lecture and periodic class discussions. To facilitate interesting discussions, students are expected to have completed assigned readings prior to coming to class. In addition, students are required to keep up with the daily news and encouraged to contribute to lectures by presenting current events relevant to the class material. Suggested news sources include
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150Haupt09w - Political Systems of the World(150 Department of Political Science DePaul University Winter 09 Instructor Professor A B Haupt Email

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