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1 PSC 150 – Political Systems of the World Hyung-min Joo Department of Political Science DePaul University [email protected] Office: 990 W. Fullerton #2108 (773) 325-7570 Office Hour: Tu 2-3, 4:45-5:45 The purpose of this course is to investigate different political systems that have existed (or ceased to exist in some cases) in the modern era. In particular, the focus of the course is on liberal democracy and its various rivals – often eventual losers – such as Nazism, Fascism, Communism, and other non-democratic forms of regimes, governments and institutions. Readings for the course include prominent works of leading scholars in political science such as Robert Dahl, Adam Przeworski, Robert Putnam, J. P. Nettle, Mancur Olson, Susanne Rudolph, Samuel Huntington and Philippe Schmitter. The course is organized into 10 sessions. In addition to lecture, the mode of the course is what I call “structured discussion.” For each session, I bring a list of key concepts, ideas, theories and other issues related to the assigned readings. Going through the list, I pose a host of questions and debatable propositions based on the readings. In response, students are expected to actively participate in the discussion of these critical issues. To avoid “chaos,” discussion during the session is structured as it progresses along the list that I have prepared in advance. To avoid “indoctrination,” however, class is conducted in a discussion mode, not as a lecture. Through this mutually interactive process, it is hoped that students acquire both proper understanding of the assigned readings and the ability to critically evaluate them. The grade for the course is based on class participation (20%), a take-home midterm (40%) and a take-
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150Joo08s - 1 PSC 150 Political Systems of the World...

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