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Political Science 150: Political Systems of the World Valerie Morkevicius Department of Political Science DePaul University e-mail: [email protected] tel: 773-325-4736 office: 990 W. Fullerton, #2111 Office Hours: MWF 9:40-11:40 am MW 2:20-3:20 pm This course focuses on the way in which political systems other than that of the United States operate. The common features of governments are identified and examined with special attention to such topics as political elites, political institutions, mass political behavior, political change and revolution. Our focus will be on the basic terminology, concepts, and theories which are necessary for more advanced study of comparative politics. We will also explore quantitative and qualitative methods by reading and analyzing journal articles. REQUIRED READINGS: You are expected to read all the required readings before coming to class. Paul Shively, Power & Choice, 10 th or 11 th edition, McGraw Hill The various journal articles are available on Blackboard. GRADES ARE BASED ON: Class Participation: 20% 5 quizzes: 50% Final: 30% CLASS PARTICIPATION: Class participation is very important, so come prepared – do the reading in advance! Also review your notes from the previous class. Generally, class will begin with a lecture (lasting approximately 20-30 minutes), followed by an opportunity for facilitated class discussion. 1) Participation in class discussions is mandatory . You will be expected not only to participate (that is, to voluntarily speak or ask questions!), but also to try to apply the concepts and ideas you have learned from the preceding lectures. a. If there is some reason you feel you will not be able to participate adequately (cultural reasons, shyness, etc.) please speak to me or e-mail me by the end of first week so that we can work something out for you. b.
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150Mork09w - Political Science 150 Political Systems of the...

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