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DEPAUL UNIVERSITY PSC 253 Asian Politics Autumn 2008 TTH 10:10 – 11:40 Dr. Ibata-Arens Department of Political Science [email protected] 990 W. Fullerton 2209 773-325-4716 Course Description This class will examine the core theories, actors and current and historical events in the study of Asian comparative politics. Particular emphasis will be placed on the relationship among economic, political and social concerns (e.g. in the historical evolution of political and economic systems within specific countries in East and Southeast Asia). As a point of departure, key concepts, institutions and actors involved in Asian politics will be reviewed. Readings provide a variety of perspectives on issues involving colonialism and its legacy, development, industrialization, and culture. The readings complement course lecture and discussions. Students will be encouraged to incorporate what they learn in class lectures and readings into discussion/debate sessions based on actual events relating to past and current issues and crises. A number of East and Southeast Asian countries will be discussed, with an emphasis on Japan and China. Students will have the opportunity to conduct in-depth research on an Asian country of their choice, culminating in a class presentation at the end of the quarter. Readings Required books are available at Books in the City, 2428 N. Lincoln Avenue, Tel. (773) 472-2665. Alan Dupont, East Asia Imperiled: Transnational Challenges to Security , Cambridge University Press, 2001. Chalmers Johnson, MITI and the Japanese Miracle, Stanford University Press, 1983. Yi-min Lin,
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253Ibata08a - DEPAUL UNIVERSITY PSC 253 Asian Politics...

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