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WINTER 2007 PSC 254: AFRICAN POLITICS Clement E. Adibe, Ph.D. Office: 990 W. Fullerton, #2210 Tel.: 773-325-1981; fax: 773-325-7337 E-Mail : [email protected] Lecture Hours: MWF 1.10-2.10pm. Lecture Room : 990 W. Fullerton, Room #2405 Office Hours: MWF, 10-10.40am; and by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVE The study of Africa must first proceed with the understanding that Africa is a vast continent of heterogeneous nations, and not a monolithic nation-state. The failure on the part of scholarship and commentaries to appreciate this kernel of African politics has been responsible for gross generalizations, simplifications and misconceptions on a grand scale. Therefore, approaching Africa as an “Area Study” within the field of comparative politics requires some measure of modesty and analytical discipline. The purpose of this course is to equip first-time students of African politics with the requisite comparative analytical tools to embark upon a measured and systematic study of African politics, international relations and political economy. Our focus this quarter shall be on the various efforts by African states and societies to accelerate the processes of economic development and the deepening of democratic values and practices. COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND EVALUATION Regular attendance and full participation in class activities shall be required of all students. Attendance shall be taken randomly throughout the quarter for the purpose of allotting grades for class attendance and participation. Students will bear full responsibility for every class that they miss, and no exceptions to this rule shall be allowed. To fully maximize the 30-hr class meeting of the session, students are strongly advised to read all assigned materials ahead of scheduled class meetings in order to participate Page 1 of 9
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actively in class discussions. Class participation grades will reflect the level of a student’s demonstration of engagement with the readings through class discussions and exchange of ideas on Blackboard. For this purpose, every student registered for this course has an automatic access to the Blackboard through Campusconnect . Students will be expected to check Blackboard’s Discussion Board regularly and to post their responses to readings in a timely fashion. The interactive format of this course requires active student participation in in-class discussions and Blackboard (the electronic ‘chat room’ for the course). Class Presentation (15%) : Each student will take turns in making a scholarly presentation to the entire class. This 10-minute presentation will be based on a thorough perusal and critical evaluation of all assigned readings for the class session on which the seminar will be presented. To this end, students will be required to post on Blackboard a three-page summary of their presentation at least 48 hours before their presentation. Students who do not submit an abstract of their presentation as stipulated will lose half of the class
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254Adi07w - WINTER 2007 PSC 254 AFRICAN POLITICS Clement E...

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