MCO 402 BUTTS-WALKER DECISION - Notes 3-24-08 Era of...

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Notes 3-24-08 Era of increased press protection: 1964-1973 Curtis Publishing co. v. Butts; Associated press v. Walker. (1967, sup ct.) Public figures must prove actual malice. Curtis Publishing co. v. Butts was a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States established the standard of First Amendment protection against defamation claims brought by private individuals. Curtis , no. 37, held that, while news organizations were protected from liability when printing allegations about public officials, they may still be sued by public figures if the information they disseminate is recklessly gathered and unchecked. Facts: Saturday Evening Post publishes a story entitled “The story of college football fix” alleging that Wallace Butts, head athletic director at the University of Georgia, conspired with the head coach of the University of Alabama Paul Bryant were going to fix a game between the two schools. George Burnett is the sole source making the allegations. Burnett is an Atlanta salesman says that one day through an electronic error
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MCO 402 BUTTS-WALKER DECISION - Notes 3-24-08 Era of...

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