3 recommended readings are marked with and are

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Unformatted text preview: ial. 3 Recommended readings are marked with (*) and are optional. I will suggest additional recommended readings during our class meetings. A full bibliography of readings will be posted on SAKAI during the first week of September, including readings currently listed as TBA. PRINCIPLES AND CLASS POLICIES 1. We will be engaged in the world around us. The study of American foreign policy is a balance between long-term trends and shortterm changes. Concerning the latter, I will incorporate daily events into the course material. This means that you are responsible for with events; being familiar with current events they will appear on assignments and exams. 2. We will meet all of our professional obligations as students and professor. As your instructor, I will attend all scheduled class meetings, return graded assignments in a reasonable period, and always be available during office hours. As my students, you will attend 3. We class, class, arrive on time, and meet all deadlines and for assignments. assignments treat each other with respect. Written spoken communications between students and faculty and among students are conducted with dignity; this includes sending appropriate eemails and respecting personal boundaries. 4. Attendance is not required but is strongly encouraged. Ultimately, you are responsible for your success in this course. occasionally take attendance for informational purposes. 5. Please arrive to class on time. to the auditorium's exit. 6. I reserve the right to assign extra credit opportunities; you must be present for these and must fully complete them in order to qualify. 7. I am intolerant of missed deadlines; I will only accept late assignments when accompanied by a dean's letter and the original documentation of your excuse (i.e. doctor's note.) A dean's letter If you intend on leaving early or late, arrive late please be considerate to your classmates and sit close I will 4 will not guarantee that I accept your excuse. The same requirement applies when a student misses a scheduled exam exam. 8....
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