8 i will ruthlessly enforce the universitys code of

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Unformatted text preview: I will ruthlessly enforce the University's code of student conduct regarding academic integrity integrity. Plagiarism and cheating on exams will be referred to the student judicial process at all times, regardless of the level of alleged infraction. COURSE SCHEDULE This course proceeds in three parts that resemble "mini-courses." Each begins with the study of a case that relates historical and contemporary problems in making defense policy. introduction. Date T 9.2 F 9.5 Topic Course Overview What is National Security? Assignment ----Sarkesian 3-24 Wolfers (S) CIVILIAN DEFENSE POLICYMAKING AND CIVILIAN CONTROL OF THE MILITARY Fully developed democracies require civilian control of the military, yet Dwight Eisenhower warned of the growing influence of the "militaryindustrial complex" on defense policymaking in the 20th century. Do our The course begins with a short 5 elected leaders independently control the military and defense policymaking or not? Date T 9.9 F 9.12 T 9.16 F 9.19 T 9.24 F 9.26 T 9.30 Topic Case Study: The Cuban Missile Crisis The Civilian Policymakers The Armed Forces CLASS CANCELLED The Intelligence Community Civil-Military Relations EXAM ONE Sarkesian 67-112 Sarkesian 113-130 ----Sarkesian 145-166 Sarkesian 131-144 ----Assignment Allison (S) GRAND STRATEGY: PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE This section investigates the strategies available to the American government in providing security. Is our current situation unique or does it resemble the problems and solutions discussed in centuries prior? Date F 10.3 T 10.7 F 10.10 T 10.14 F 10.17 T 10.21 F 10.24 T 10.28 Topic Case Study: Defense Policy in 2009 Past: Retreat from Isolationism Past: Containment & Collective Defense Present: The Regional Strategy CLASS CANCELLED Future: America's Strategic Choices Back to the Future? EXAM TWO NSS 2006 (S); NDS 2005 (S) ----Posen and Ross (S) USAWC 2008 Summary (S) Mearsheimer (S) ----TBA Kennan (S) Assignment TBA 6 TWENTYTWENTY-FIRST CENTURY CHALLENGES The twenty-first century presents a set of challenges to American defense policymakers that are novel as well as recurring; will they require wholesale changes in defense policy or just minor accommod...
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