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Date f 1031 t 114 f 117 t 1111 f 1114 t 1118 f 1121 t

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Unformatted text preview: ations? Date F 10.31 T 11.4 F 11.7 T 11.11 F 11.14 T 11.18 F 11.21 T 11.25 Topic Case Study: Operation Allied Force Weapons of Mass Destruction RMA I: Strategic Warfare RMA II: Force Transformation RMA III: Cyber Warfare Long War I: Non-State Actors Long War II: Homeland Defense CLASS CANCELLED THURSDAY CLASSES ON THURSDAY SCHEDULE F 11.28 T 12.2 F 12.5 T 12.9 F 12.19 THANKSGIVING BREAK Long War III: Asymmetric Warfare Human Security EXAM THREE CASE STUDY DUE CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT You will prepare a policy brief for the incoming president of the United States on a pressing defense policy issue. Your brief should be no more than ten pages long, double-spaced, regular (1") margins, regular (12 pt, Times New Roman) font, and is due on December 19. It should contain the following sections, each of which should answer the corresponding questions: Assignment Sarkesian 273-288 Glaser and Fetter (S) Lewis (S) TBA Klein (S) TBA TBA ----- ----TBA Paris (S) --------- 7 1. What is the threat to American security? Why is it an urgent issue that the President should consider? 2. Who are the most important actors to consider and what are their interests? Who are America's allies and what are their interests? 3. Where does this threat exist? 4. When did this threat originate and how has it changed over time? 5. Why does this threat exist? States and American interests? 6. How should the incoming administration respond to this problem? What do you recommend? You may choose any issue except the cases discussed in class class. Your brief Why is it threatening to the United should also contain a full bibliography of sources referenced and cited. You may only use three online sources for this assignment; the rest must come from printed materials. Do not use any open source materials or sources that lack attribution....
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