790-350 - Environmental Politics and Policy: US,...

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Environmental Politics and Policy: US, Comparative and International Political Science 350 MTh 10:55-12:15 PM Location: CDL -109 Professor Kelemen Office: Hickman Hall 606 Office Hours: Thursday 12:30-2:30 pm, or by appointment Phone: (732) 932-1920 E-mail: dkelemen@polisci.rutgers.edu Course Description and contents : The purpose of this course is to study environmental politics and policy in the US, in other countries and in the international arena. Environmental politics and policy are treated both as a subject of interest in their own right and as a means by which to explore some basic issues in comparative public policy and international political economy. Course Requirements : Midterm Exam (30 % of grade). February 22nd. Writing Assignment (20% of grade):Op-Ed (1500 words) . Students will write an ‘Op-Ed’ style article (such as those that can be found in the Opinion section of leading newspapers) on an environmental policy issue of their choice. Further guidelines will be distributed in class. The paper will be due in class on March 22 nd . Final Exam (50% of grade). May 9 th . Books : (Available at Cook/Douglass Coop). Norman Vig and Michael Kraft, Eds. Environmental Policy: New Directions for the Twenty-First Century, 6 th Edition. Congressional Quarterly Press, 2005. Norman Vig, Regina Axelrod and Leonard Downie, Eds. The Global Environment: Institutions, Law and Policy , 2 nd Edition. Congressional Quarterly Press, 2004. Norman Miller. Cases in Environmental Politics: Stakeholders, Interests and Policymaking. Routledge 2008. Other readings are available online on the course webpage, which you can find at http://www.polisci.rutgers.edu/ under the Undergraduate course web pages section. I. INTRODUCTION 1. Introduction to the Course Jan 22 2. Basic Concepts in environmental policy Jan 26 Kraft and Vig, “Environmental Policy from the 1970s to the Twenty-first Century,” Ch. 1 in Vig and Kraft. 3. Putting the environment on the agenda. Jan 29 Downs, Anthony. 1972. "Up and down with Ecology? The 'issue attention cycle'." The Public Interest , Vol. 28, pp. 38-50. Available at: http://www.anthonydowns.com/upanddown.htm Franzen, Axel. 2003. “Environmental Attitudes in International Comparison.” Social Science Quarterly , 84(2): 297-308.
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II. US ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY 4. Overview of major policies - part 1. Feb 2 Vig “Presidential Leadership and the Environment,” Ch. 5 in Vig and Kraft.
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790-350 - Environmental Politics and Policy: US,...

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