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2008F_3961_Snyder - Contemporary Issues in International...

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Contemporary Issues in International Security Jack Snyder W3961x. Seminar in International Politics. Fall 2008 Tuesdays, 2:10-4:00 p.m., meets in 501 IAB Office: 1327 International Affairs Building, 854-8290; [email protected] Office hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 4:10 to 5. 7/31/08 This course examines central issues in contemporary international security policy (American hegemony, multilateralism, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, civil war, genocide, ethnic conflict, the promotion of democratization and human rights, the problem of Iraq, etc.) and key concepts in the academic study of international relations (e.g., realist and liberal approaches; deterrence theory) Requirements : One paper, about 25 pages. A great deal of flexibility will be allowed regarding topics and formats. One possible format is to use case studies to test a theoretically-grounded argument. Historical cases are appropriate, though their relevance to contemporary issues should be explained. Students may do policy options papers, though these should be informed by relevant theories. Paper proposals will be discussed in small groups in my office at times to be arranged during the first weeks of October. The final version of the paper is due Dec. 13. Readings : Required readings are on reserve in Lehman library, though some may also be at Butler or Barnard. Most supplementary readings are also on reserve in Lehman. Asterisk (*) indicates a paperback ordered at the Bookculture bookstore, 536 W.112 St. . Students will find it worthwhile to purchase Karen Mingst and Jack Snyder, eds., Essential Readings in World Politics . Third edition. [hereafter ER] at the Labyrinth bookstore. Purchase the other books at your discretion. For information relevant to term papers on current topics, go to: Columbia library web, e-resources, databases, Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO). Classes and Readings Week 1 . Sept. 2. Theories of International Relations in Policy Debates on American Foreign Policy Jack Snyder, “One World, Rival Theories,” Foreign Policy, November/December 2004. in *ER , 4-11. John J. Mearsheimer, “Anarchy and the Struggle for Power,” excerpt from The Tragedy of Great Power Politics (New York: Norton, 2001) in ER , 60-79. M. Doyle, “Liberalism and World Politics,” American Political Science Review , December 1986, in ER , 80-92. A. Wendt, “Anarchy Is What States Make of It,” International Organization , spring 1992, in ER , 93-118. J. Ann Tickner, Gender in International Relations , in ER , 118-125.
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2 Week 2 . Sept. 9. American Hegemonic Leadership *G. John Ikenberry, After Victory . Chs.1, 2, 3, 6, and 7. Stephen M. Walt, Taming American Power , ch. 3 (on library web). John Mearsheimer, “The False Promise of International Institutions,”
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2008F_3961_Snyder - Contemporary Issues in International...

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