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PO530 -- International Relations Theory Spring 2008 Tuesday, 1 – 3 pm Clark C- 34 Dr. Valerie J. Assetto Clark B-349 Ph: 491-5369, 5156 (main office) E-mail: Fax: 970-491-2490 OFFICE HOURS: Wed. 11:00a – 12:00p Thurs. 1:00p -- 3:00p AND BY APPOINTMENT PURPOSE: This class is designed as a core seminar in the field of International Relations. It is intended to introduce the student to the basic debates and approaches in the field. International Relations is an extremely diverse sub-discipline, however, and one course cannot include every theory and methodology which has been employed by International Relations scholars in the past century. At best, this course serves as an introduction to the literature in the various subdivisions of International Relations; it is a starting point for those who wish to pursue their interests in this field of Political Science. A secondary objective of this course is to begin the student's preparation for research projects and comprehensive exams; it is NOT a substitute for extensive discussion with the student's committee, however. GRADES will be based on the following criteria: Class Participation and Debates 40% Annotated Bibliography 15% Proposal Literature Review 45% CLASS PARTICIPATION: Frequent contributions to class discussions are REQUIRED and are essential for the intellectual quality of the class. Everyone MUST participate regularly in an informed manner. Students are REQUIRED to come to class with DETAILED NOTES on the day's readings. The student should be ready to discuss and debate the reading material, paying special attention to the underlying assumptions of
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Assetto530 - PO530 - International Relations Theory Spring...

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