Berg131 - 1 CURRENT WORLD PROBLEMS(PO 131 section 3 Fall...

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1 1 CURRENT WORLD PROBLEMS (PO 131, section 3) Fall 2007 (2:00 – 2:50) Instructor: Dr. Marni Berg Clark C-332 Office: 491-3664 E-mail: [email protected] Office hours: Mon. 10 – 11 am, Wed. 11 am – noon, and by appointment PURPOSE: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to some of the important problems and events that affect the world today. Through course readings and lectures, students should become familiar with the historical background of many global issues. Additionally, students are expected to become familiar with reliable sources of information on current world events and learn how to analyze problems. Students are expected to be conversant with the material presented in class and in the readings, and to keep current with issues covered in the news (in addition to reading a newspaper, you may want to watch CNN or listen to National Public Radio on 1340 am or 91.5 fm). GRADES: Grades for this course will be determined as follows: 1st exam 25% 100 pts. 2nd exam 25% 100 pts. 3rd exam 25% 100 pts. paper 25% 100 pts . Total: 400 pts. Exams : The exams will likely consist of multiple-choice questions and some short answers, which will include questions on BOTH lectures and readings. Questions on current events and maps will also appear on the exams. The
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Berg131 - 1 CURRENT WORLD PROBLEMS(PO 131 section 3 Fall...

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