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1 PO341 - Comparative European Systems Sections 1 and 2 Fall 2006 Instructor: Prof. Marni Berg Office: Clark C-332 Phone: 491-3446 Office Hours: M 10 – 10:50; W 12 – 1:00 pm and by appointment e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION: Purpose : This course is designed to give students insights into the way in which politics operate in states that are generally classified as “parliamentary” because of the fusion of the powers of the executive and the legislature (as opposed to the “separation of powers” in a presidential system). We will examine the history and theory of parliamentary systems, and illustrate how different democracies reflect the varying principles of representation and accountability. Britain, France and Germany This course will compare the political structures and policies of three countries in-depth: The United Kingdom, France and Germany. The tradition of representative, parliamentary government originated in Great Britain, and the British “model” has likely influenced more countries than any other political system in the world. This is despite the fact that Britain has no formal, written constitution, and the institutions of the British political system have evolved for over 700 years. In contrast, the French have tried almost every political system imaginable since the French Revolution of 1789. The current system came about with the 1958 Constitution that created the 5 th Republic. This system combines elements of the parliamentary system in Britain with a strong president as found in the United States and also in earlier French history. In contrast to the experiences of the United States and Great Britain political stability, especially democratic political stability, is a rarity in Germany. Throughout its history, Germany has faced many problems of newly democratizing countries around the world:
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berg 341 - PO341 Comparative European Systems Sections 1...

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