Braithwaite232 - 1 Political Science 232 International...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Political Science 232 International Relations Alex Braithwaite Office: C366A Clark Office Hours: WR 9.30a-11.30a (& by appt.) Spring 2007 TR: 12.30p-1.45p A201 Clark Building Phone: 970.491.6424 COURSE OVERVIEW The primary goal of this course is to provide an introduction to the major themes and theoretical debates in international politics. As such, this course provides the background and conceptual tools needed to understand contemporary international relations. The course will introduce the wide range of issues involved in the study of international relations including the workings of and threats to the state system, the causes of international conflict and political violence, international economic relations, and a host of problems relating to the provision of global public goods. By the semesters end, it is hoped that participants in this class will be in a position to objectively and consistently critique and scrutinize the broad range of claims made by the media, scholars, and policy-wonks about the workings of the international system. READING MATERIALS One text is required for this class: Mingst, Karen A. 2004 . Essentials of International Relations , (3 rd ed.) New York: W.W. Norton. (ISBN: 0-393-92448-3) I will make additional reading assignments available under the handouts section of the class page on WebCT. In addition to the readings listed on the schedule below, it is expected that you will each maintain a general awareness of the current events shaping our international arena. As such you are strongly encouraged to read a newspaper with international coverage such as the New York Times . As an alternative, students are advised to visit or to receive up-to-date news on international affairs COURSE REQUIREMENTS, GRADING, AND PROTOCOL Exams = 60% You are asked to complete three exams (each counts toward 20% of your final grade). These exams will take place on the following dates: Thursday 15 th February, 2007 [from 12.30p-1.45p in A201 Clark]; Tuesday 27 th March, 2007 [from 12.30p-1.45p in A201 Clark]; and Wednesday 9 th May, 2007 [this is the final exam and it will take place from 9.10a-11.10a in A201 Clark]. Each exam will consist of a collection of multiple choice and short answer questions....
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Braithwaite232 - 1 Political Science 232 International...

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