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Detraz 232 - POLS 232 Introduction to International...

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1 POLS 232 Introduction to International Relations, Summer 2008 M-F 10-11:50; Gifford 113 Instructor: Nicole Detraz Contact Info: Clark C334, Office hours: M T W 12-1, and by appointment Course Overview This course will introduce students to the study and practice of international relations (IR). IR is the study of interactions between countries, international organizations, multi-national corporations, non- governmental organizations, cultural communities and networks in the world political system. Using the analytical tools and theories that comprise the discipline of IR, we will seek to understand the nature of these actors and explain why they behave in certain ways when confronted with a variety of problems, with particular focus on the current issues on the world agenda. Course information will be conveyed through assigned readings, lectures, discussions, and research. All assigned readings are required and should be completed by the date indicated on the syllabus. Lectures will complement and routinely go beyond the assigned material; they will not summarize them. Discussions of assigned material and current events will take place routinely, so familiarity with the news of the world is essential. Reading Materials The following book is available in the university bookstore. (Be sure to get the correct edition .) Keith L. Shimko. (2008) International Relations: Perspectives and Controversies. 2 nd edition. New York: Houghton Mifflin. (Coupled with Rand McNally (2006) Atlas of International Politics .) Any additional reading materials (articles, etc.) will be available through RamCT. Students are also required to read an international news source, such as The New York Times, The Economist, The Washington Post, The Guardian, or the UN Wire, on a regular basis. (Many of these sources are available
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Detraz 232 - POLS 232 Introduction to International...

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