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Duncan 361 - POLS 361 U.S Environmental Politics and Policy...

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POLS 361 U.S. Environmental Politics and Policy Section 1 Fall 2008 Instructor : Dr. Pamela Duncan Office hours: Mon. 3 – 4; Tues. 9:30 – 10:30; Fri. 9 – 10; and by appointment Office: Clark C-330 Telephone: (970) 491-6083 Email: [email protected] Texts : Marzotto, Burnor and Bonham, The Evolution of Public Policy: Cars and the Environment . Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1999. ISBN: 9781555878825. (Noted in the reading schedule as MBB) Vig and Kraft, Environmental Policy: New Directions for the Twenty-First Century, 6 th edition. CQ Press, 2006. ISBN: 9781933116013. Rosenbaum, Environmental Politics and Policy, 7 th edition . CQ Press, 2008. ISBN: 9780872894402. Reserve readings as assigned. Course objectives : The primary purpose of this course is to familiarize the student with the concepts, controversies, actors and policy measures associated with environmental politics in the United States. Please bear in mind that this is an introduction only; we are jumping into a vast and growing field of study. After a look at key introductory concepts, we will begin with an overview of the American political system, with special emphasis on the treatment of environmental issues within that system. This part of the course will include a look at the environmental movement, interest groups, political parties, public opinion, media, federalism, Congress, the presidency, the bureaucracy and the courts—all with an eye to how these actors and institutions relate to the environment. We will then turn to an examination of the policy cycle model. We will spend several sessions looking at the environmental A problem @ and some of the factors blamed as its cause, followed by an examination of each specific stage that makes up the model. During this portion of the
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Duncan 361 - POLS 361 U.S Environmental Politics and Policy...

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