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1 Political Science 333 Seminar: Ethics and International Relations Ward Thomas Spring 2007 Fenwick 302 Office x3445; Home (508) 835-9744 (before 10 p.m., please) e-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Wed. 10am-noon, Thurs. 1-3pm, and by appointment. This seminar will address various issues relating to the normative dimensions of international relations. Among the topics addressed will be ethical constraints on the use of force, the tension between human rights and state sovereignty, the ethical implications of the global economy and multinational corporations, and the difficulties involved in applying traditional standards of moral judgment to the international sphere. This will be a demanding course, in terms of the work load required, the quality of work expected from you, and, at times, the complexity of the subject matter. It is imperative not only that you attend each class meeting, but that you do all the readings and come prepared to contribute constructively to discussion. Grading for the course will be determined on the following basis: term paper (see below) 50% analytical papers (see below) 10% each (x2) class participation 30% (Class participation means active, thoughtful, and informed participation ; regular attendance is a minimum requirement.) Each student will be required, over the course of the semester, to write two short analytical papers (4-5 pages, double-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font and 1.25” margins) focusing on Discussion Questions relating to the readings for each unit (or, if approved in advance by me, on other issues raised by the readings that may be of particular interest to the student). These papers should reflect not only a clear grasp of the subject matter for the topic, but original analytical and/or critical thought. They should not be merely summaries of the material. Papers for a given unit will be due no later than the beginning of the class period designated for that unit. (For example, if you were writing a paper for unit 2, the paper would be due at the beginning of class on Jan. 30.) Students writing analytical papers for any given unit will be expected to help lead discussion for that class . This means that you should think in terms of how your analysis might serve as a point of departure for general discussion. (You might even wish to come up with a question or two of your own, related to your analysis, to help frame discussion.) The other written assignment will be a term paper of approximately 20 pages in length (again, with 12-point Times New Roman font and 1.25” margins), due in my office by noon on Monday, May 7 . (Note that this is during exams – you are welcome to hand it in earlier to avoid conflicts!) The term paper is to be a research paper on a topic of the student’s choosing, subject to my approval. You should start thinking about possible paper topics as early as possible. To encourage you to do so, you will be required to submit a 2 (two) page proposal to me no later than Tues., March 20,
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EthicssyllabusSpring07 - Political Science 333 Seminar...

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