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PS385 - Arab Politics and Society Spring 2009...

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Arab Politics and Society Spring 2009 Course #:790:385-Cross-listed with 685-385 Instructor: Hamid Abdeljaber M -W: 5:6:20 Room: Beck Auditorium-Livingston Office Hours: Wednesdays 11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon or by Appointment (Room: Lucy Stone Hall-B-325) Office Telephone: 732-445-8444/8445 ext. 19 E-mail: [email protected] Course Description This course is an introduction to Arab politics and society. It will examine Arab culture, family structure, tribal forces, women’s roles, creative writings and art and the impact of religion on these elements in modern Arab society. The course will be less concerned with current political developments and instead focus on long-term trends that shaped and will continue to shape the social and political aspects of the Arab world. Literary writings and films will be an integral part of the course as they ultimately reflect the Arab political, social and cultural life of today. As an introduction to Arab Politics and Society, the course is, out of necessity, broad. The topics selected for discussion and reading are therefore, not comprehensive. Students, however, are encouraged to broaden their readings and reflect that in the class discussions and class presentations required throughout the course. Course Requirements 1- Class Attendance and Participation - 10% Participation in the discussion is not only encouraged but also required. You are expected to read the assigned chapters or articles and come to class fully prepared to engage in the debate. Students may be requested to make short presentations on the reading materials. Attendance will be checked and repeated absences will affect the final grade.
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2 2 – Mid-Term Examination - 20% The exam will cover all topics discussed up to the last class before the exam date.
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