27 jan 29 feb 3 feb 5 feb 10 12 movie a civil action

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Unformatted text preview: quot; Adams, p. 89-95, "The Path of the Law" p. 95-99, "A Realist View of the Law" Jan. 27 Jan. 29 Feb. 3 Feb. 5 Feb. 10 12 Movie: A Civil Action Feb. 17 Justice and torts Adams, p. 517-524, "The Law of Tort" p. 525-528, Holden v. Wal-Mart Butterfield v. Forrester * (on Sakai) Holden Wal**Brief Holden v. Wal-Mart** Who's at fault? Does it matter? Feb. 19 Adams, p. 528-33, "The Fault Requirement in Tort" p. 533-39, "Wealth Maximization and Tort Law" p. 539-549, "Tort Law and Tort Theory" p. 549-552, "Individualized Justice and Mass Torts" p. 604-606, Derdiarian v. Felix Contracting Corp. **Brief Derdiarian v. Felix Contracting Corp. ** Feb. 24 Causation and liability Adams, p. 554-560, "Causation and liability" p. 560-563, Lynch v. Fisher p. 563-568, Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad p. 577-584, "The Decline of Cause" p. 607-609, Summers v. Tice **Brief Lynch v. Fisher ** Duty to rescue Adams, p. 586-599, "Acts, Omissions...
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