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Unformatted text preview: 46-449, Lockyer v. Andrade p. 449-452, "The Future of Punishment" p. 452-456, "A Utilitarian Theory of Punishment" p. 456-461, "The Argument for Retributivism" p. 461-464, "Punishment and Responsibility" **Brief **Brief Lockyer v. Andrade** Penalty Death Penalty Adams, p. 466-471, "The Death Penalty" p. 471-476, Atkins v. Virginia p. 476-482, "The Death Penalty Once More" p. 482-489, "A Reply to van den Haag" p. 490-493, McCleskey v. Kemp p. 494-500, "Homicide, Race and Capital Punishment" **Brief Atkins v. Virginia** Lawyers Bonsignore, p. 317-319, "The Profession of Law" p. 323-327, "Friendly Fire" p. 328-333, "The Big Casino" p. 334-342, "The Price of Law" p. 344-348, "Law School" More about lawyers March 31 April 2 April 7 April 9 April 14 April 16 Bonsignore,, p. 351-359, "Legal Education..." p. 361-367, "Diary of a Law Professor" p. 368-373, "The Ethics...
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