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Unformatted text preview: , and the Duty to Rescue" p. 609-611, Yania v. Bigan **Brief Yania v. Bigan Nuisance laws and pollution Bonsignore, p. 92-96, Madison v. Ducktown Sulphur, Copper & Iron p. 98-101, Ohio v. Wyandotte Chemicals Corp. p.105-110, "Living is for Everyone" Native American Rights Fund Legal Review, p. 1-4 * **Brief Madison v. Ducktown Sulphur** Law and power Bonsignore, p. 110-113, "Law, Status, Wealth and Power" p. 113-114, "The Working Day" p. 114-118, American Textile Mfrs v. Donovan p. 129-131, Streich v. General Motors p. 132-133, "Testimony of John Higbie" p. 134-141, Fibreboard Paper Products v. NLRB p. 141-144, "Testimony of William Bywater" **Brief Streich v. General Motors ** Catchup and review ****MIDTERM EXAM**** Feb. 26 March 3 March 5 March 10 March 12 March 24 Parenthood and family law Adams, p. 346-349, "Equality, Parenthood and Family Law" p. 349-356, Michael H. v. Gerald D. p. 356-359, "Family Law in Transition" p. 35...
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