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If you wish to use a small portion of someone elses

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Unformatted text preview: sm. If you wish to use a small portion of someone else's work a paragraph or less you must include the words within quotation marks and give credit in a footnote. Plagiarism, cheating during exams, and all other forms of academic dishonesty, will not be tolerated and will be reported to the appropriate university authorities. Disability Accommodation As a teacher, I take seriously the need to provide an environment where all students can participate equally and to accommodate students with disabilities. If you need accommodations, please let me know. Grades Your final course grade will be calculated on the basis of the following formula: Midterm Final Briefs Attendance and participation Required readings The following books are available at the Cook/Douglas Co-op Bookstore: David Adams, 2005. Philosophical Problems in the Law, 4th edition. Wadsworth Publishing. 35% 36% 24% 5% John Bonsignore, Ethan Katsh, Peter d'Errico, Ronald Pipkin, Stephen Arons, and Janet Rifkin, 2006. Before the Law: An Introduction to the Legal Process, 8th edition....
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