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Keep in mind that your briefs must be written in your

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Unformatted text preview: ble. Keep in mind that your briefs must be written in your own words. There are many sources of case briefs online, and you may use them in your research. But be aware that many of these online summaries do not include details of the court's reasoning, which is a required element of the briefs you are to submit to me. I consider it to be an act of plagiarism to represent someone else's summary of the case as your own, which is a violation of University policy on academic integrity. Each time you submit a brief, you will be asked to pledge that you have neither given nor received aid on the assignment. If you plagiarize someone else's summary, you will receive a zero for that assignment and I will refer the matter to Judicial Affairs. Academic honesty It is unethical and unacceptable to hand in an essay or paper that has been copied from someone else's work. Your papers and essays, in class or take home, must be written in your own words. Copying or downloading words from a book, article, website, or another student's paper is not acceptable and is considered plagiari...
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