Make sure you sign the sheet before you leave at the

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Unformatted text preview: ake sure you sign the sheet before you leave at the end of class each time. This is the only record I have of when you attend class. Don't ask me to add your name later. Signing the sheet is your responsibility. Participation is graded on the following basis: up to 2 absences = 5 points; 3 absences = 4 points; 4 absences = 3 points; 5 absences = 2 points; 6 absences = 1 point. Absences will only be excused if you give me a physician's note or other acceptable documentation when you return to class. I expect you to come to class regularly, and to come prepared to discuss the assigned readings. Active discussions can make this course much more enjoyable and useful for both of us. But please don't monopolize the conversation. I expect all of you to be considerate of others. I make regular use of the Sakai site for course announcements, and discussion forums and the chat room are available for students to communicate with each other and with me. It is your responsibility to check the site on a regular basis. I...
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