The cases for your briefs are noted on the course

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Unformatted text preview: cases for your briefs are noted on the course outline. No other cases will be accepted. There are 15 cases to choose from, but you only need to turn in eight. Please note that briefs are due no later than the start of the class period for which they are assigned as reading. I will not accept any brief that is handed in after the class period. Each brief is worth up to 3 points. We will go over the proper method of briefing cases in class, and I will post guidelines for you to follow on the Sakai site. If you don't do well on a brief or several you can turn in extra briefs, but you cannot earn more than 24 points for briefs in total. Briefs will be graded as follows: 3 points for briefs in which all required sections are present and correct; 2 points for briefs in which one section is absent/incorrect; 1 point for briefs in which two sections are absent/incorrect. Case briefs MUST be submitted through the "Assignments" section on the Sakai site and MUST be saved as a Word file to be reada...
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