790-306 - Political Science 790: 306 The American...

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1 Political Science 790: 306 The American Presidency Mon. & Wed., 1:10-2:30 Prof. Irwin N. Gertzog Van Dyke 211 e-mail: gertzog@rci.rutgers.edu Spring Term, 2009 Office Hours: Wed., 11:00-12:30, and by arrangement, Room 11A, lower level, Milledoler Hall This course will begin with a discussion of the origin of the Presidency and the development of presidential power over time. The limits on that power, and the importance of presidential personality in the uses of power will also be explored. After the first examination, we will turn to presidential decision making and the manner in which Presidents are selected. Next, we will look at the relationships occupants of the office establish with their official families, with the media, with Congress, with the public, and with the Supreme Court. Concluding classes will be devoted to presidential accountability, tenure and removal. Books containing the assigned reading are listed below. All are available in the Ferren Mall College bookstore. “Related Reading” appearing in the body of the syllabus may be consulted as time and interest allow. Irving L. Janis, GROUPTHINK: PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES OF POLICY DECISIONS AND FIASCOS (2 nd edition), 1982; Sidney M. Milkis and Michael Nelson, THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY: ORIGIN AND DEVELOPMENT, 1776-2007 (5 th edition), 2008; Joseph A. Pika and John Anthony Maltese, THE POLITICS OF THE PRESIDENCY (7 th Edition), 2007. Three examinations are scheduled during the term, including the one administered during finals week. The exams are of equal value. Numerical equivalents of letter grades are as follows: 90-100 = A; 88-89 = B+; 80-87 = B; 78-79 = C+; 70-77 = C; 60-69 = D; 0 - 59 = F. Class attendance is required, except in case of illness, religious observance, or class conflict caused by mandatory participation in University-sponsored academic or athletic events. Students who miss an examination because of one of the reasons cited in the preceding sentence must submit a written explanation signed by the Dean before they are eligible to take a make-up exam. The make-up will be a take-home examination, and students will have 48 hours during which to complete it. Unexcused absences on the date of an examination will result in a failing grade for the missed examination. Topics, Assignments, and Readings Jan 21 Introduction to the Course
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2 Jan 26 Origins of the Office Assignment : Milkis and Nelson, Chapters 1 - 4; and Pika and Maltese, Chapter 1, pp. 1- 21. Related Reading : Thomas F. Cronin (ed.), INVENTING THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY, 1989; Richard J. Ellis (ed.), FOUNDING THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY, 1999; Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay, THE FEDERALIST PAPERS, 1787-1788; Ralph Ketcham (ed.), THE ANTI-FEDERALIST PAPERS AND THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION DEBATES, 1986; Seymour Martin Lipset, THE FIRST NEW NATION, 1963; Charles C. Thach, Jr., THE CREATION OF THE PRESIDENCY, 1775-1789, 1923. Jan 28 - Feb 4 The Development of Presidential Power
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790-306 - Political Science 790: 306 The American...

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