790-304-80 - Rutgers University at Brookdale Spring 2009...

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1 Rutgers University at Brookdale – Spring 2009 Congressional Politics 790:304:80 Class hours: Monday 12pm – 2:40pm Classroom: 208 Instructor: Mark Major Email: [email protected] Course Objective: This course will examine the structure and functions of the United States Congress and their role in the formulation and execution of public policy. The course will critically analyze the internal organizations of the House of Representatives and Senate, their bases of power and representation, sources of conflict, and patterns of decision making in a system of separated institutions sharing powers. Course Requirements: Class participation and Quizzes (25pts) – It is extremely important to be prepared for class. The quality of the course is dependent on the quality of your preparation and engagement. You are expected to complete the assigned readings and take part in class discussions. There will be seven random open- note quizzes throughout the semester; the top five scores are counted. The quizzes will be given at the beginning of class, if you show up late you will not be allowed to take the quiz. Extra credit opportunities will be given as well but only for those who attend class- NO EXCEPTIONS. Please note: Much of the class discussions will be informal and heated as we will be engaging topics that affect our daily lives. However, this exempts no one (instructor included) from civility. Finally, please turn off your cell phones/electronic devices before entering class. Please refrain from text messaging during class. Two exams (25pts each = 50pts) – Exams consist of short essay questions (i.e. questions that will require a few sentences for each answer) and are non-cumulative (i.e. they will not cover topics that the previous exam covered). Exam #1 is Monday, March 9 th and exam #2 is Monday, April 13 th . Please plan accordingly.
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This note was uploaded on 07/25/2009 for the course 790 304 taught by Professor Major during the Spring '09 term at Rutgers.

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790-304-80 - Rutgers University at Brookdale Spring 2009...

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