790-251-02 - 790:251:02 Topics in International Politics...

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790:251:02 Topics in International Politics: Comparing American and Japanese Perspectives on China in the 21 st Century, Part II Spring 2009, 1.5 Credits NB: Prior enrollment in 790:250:01 (Topics in International Politics I, Winter 2009) is a prerequisite for enrollment in this course. Instructor Info : Tim Knievel, Graduate Fellow Department of Political Science Hickman Hall Room 402 Email: [email protected] Phone (Office): 732-932-9250 Course Websites: https://sakai.rutgers.edu/portal http://fas-polisci.rutgers.edu/tknievel/rutsrits.html Ritsumeikan University Website: http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/eng/ Course Description : This is the second segment of a two-part course designed to bring together American and Japanese students to explore issues of cultural and international relations in a collegial, comparative setting. We will continue our comparative analysis of American and Japanese perspectives on the following key issues: Regional Security —what role should these three states play in maintaining international security in Asia. We will focus particularly on the issue of North Korean nuclear weapons. Economic Ties —what is the status of the economic relationship between these three states? Human Rights and Democracy Promotion —What impact has recent world developments (including the Beijing Olympics) had on the promotion of democracy and human rights in East Asia? In addition to our course work and field work, we will engage in a number of cultural immersion activities designed to deepen our understanding of the impact of history, institutions and culture on contemporary political life. We will travel to Washington, D.C. to visit the nation’s capitol and, in particular, the U.S. World War II Memorial. In doing so, we will begin to address the question of how historical memory shapes the contemporary policies of states. We will also visit the Japanese embassy to the United Nations in New York to learn about Japan’s interaction with China and other states in an institutional setting.
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790:250:01 Topics in International Politics, Winter 2009 2 During the second session of our course, our colleagues from Ritsumeikan will give presentations on Japanese perspective on the key themes of our class. We will also continue our paired-survey research, with teams of Rutgers and Ritsumeikan students surveying Americans to assess their opinions on key issues. The United States and Japan are natural cases for comparison, given various similarities
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790-251-02 - 790:251:02 Topics in International Politics...

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