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chm2211sex1 - Name Organic Chemistry II CMH 2211 Sample...

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Name __________________________________ Organic Chemistry II CMH 2211 Sample Exam 1 I. Write structures for the compounds shown below: ____________________ __________________ __________________ meta -bromophenol o -aminobenzoic acid phenanthrene ____________________ __________________ __________________ 3-methyl-2-phenylhexane benzyl alcohol para -xylene II. Name the compounds whose structures are shown below: ____________________ __________________ __________________ ____________________ __________________ __________________ III. Fill in the Blank 1. In order for a compound to be aromatic it must satisfy certain rules. The compound or ion must be __________________ and ________________, have all atoms in the ring with ________________ hybridization, and have ______________________ electrons in ________________________________________ orbitals. 2. Another name for 1,3 dibromobenzene is ______________________________. 3. Benzene is more stable than you might expect based upon a 6 membered ring and three double bonds. This is because benzene has __________________________. 4. Is 26 a Huckle number? (Y/N) _________ 5. Benzene ring deactivators have something in common. They all have ________________________________________________________. CH 3 Br Br Br H 3 C O C H C CH 3 Br H
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6. Proton NMR of aromatic compounds show characteristic absorptions in the range of ________ to _________ ppm. 7. Name two ring substituants that will prevent the ring from reacting in a Freidel- Craft reaction. _____________________ and ______________________ 8. 4-Methylbenzioc acid would tend to add a third group at carbon number ________.
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