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Organic Chemistry II - CHM 2211 Dr. Grow End of Chapter Problems (Vollhardt 5 th Edition): This text contains problems within the chapter text itself and at the end of the chapter. Because the author has not gone overboard with end of chapter problems, I suggest you do them all. Yes, this is a lot of work. Students that work problems generally do well in the course, students who don't do the problems tend to do poorly. Take the hint! Some texts have many more problems at the end of chapters, but this author has concentrated on essential skills. You may wish to use other texts in the study room to find additional problems.
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Unformatted text preview: If you are not attempting problems that challenge your knowledge, you are really not getting the benefit that working problems can supply. Problems involving synthesis are extremely important. Some exams have more than 15% of the possible points assigned to synthesis problems. If you can't do synthesis you can't make a good grade in organic chemistry. Reactions that you learn in Organic I will appear in Organic II and you will be expected to know them. Make flash cards for every reaction type that we cover and memorize them. There is, unfortunately, no short-cut to this requirement....
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