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What You Can Expect From Dr. Grow’s Organic Chemistry II Class I have been a teacher since 1969 and have taught everything from 8 th grade science to postgraduate biochemistry courses for students who already have their Ph.D. degree. I hold an A.A. degree from PJC (1964), a B.S. degree in biology from UWF (1969), and a Ph.D. from the University of Florida (1977). After teaching 6 years at UF’s Medical and Dental Schools I came back to Pensacola. I have been teaching at PJC since 1988. My philosophy of teaching is “Tell students what you expect of them, explain the material clearly, and test them on what you said they should know.” I believe in consistency and will always try to treat all students fairly. I operate by a clearly defined set of rules and try hard not to break them. Although my rules may give you the impression that I am unyielding, I am willing to discuss anything and ask that you come see me if you have any problems. I have an open door policy in my office and hope to see you there.
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This note was uploaded on 07/26/2009 for the course CHEM 2211 taught by Professor Grow during the Spring '09 term at Pensacola Junior College.

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