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How to Self-Register for the Organic Chemistry WebCT Website WebCT is a system in which teachers can set up websites that can provide content and services for the students in their class. From the WebCT site you can take lecture and lab quizzes and link to the main course website. The procedure for this registration is shown below. How to Self-Register for the WebCT Website The procedure for registration is shown below. If you have problems, contact Dr. Tom Grow (484-1101, office 9722) who will help you get registered. 1. Go online and go to WebCT at PJC at the URL (Don’t use www.). 2. If you do not already have a WebCT user name and password, click on “Create myWebCT” 3. Enter the information requested. The red stars indicate required fields. Enter your first and last name. For your WebCT ID, use the first letters of your first and middle names added to your last name. Example: Jerry Thomas Ward– use jtward as your user ID. If you are told that the ID you have chosen is already in use, just add a number at
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